September 28, 2018


Have you ever considered people might like to give bitcoins to your organization?

Bitcoin is a new currency gaining users all over the world. The technology itself is Bitcoin, and the currency is bitcoin or bitcoins. Bitcoin is easily sent to third-world countries with low costs. It becomes a currency more accessible to anyone. In this way, people say Bitcoin has the potential to create more equality around the world.

For this reason, Denarium would like to give a free coin away to charities interested in saving bitcoin donations.

With a Denarium coin your charity can:

  • Easily receive bitcoin donations.
  • Open up a new market. Bitcoin users.
  • Support the Bitcoin movement around the globe.
  • Send value across to third world countries at low-cost.
  • Use a coin for a project, or in general for your charity.



  1. Simply publish the QR code and/or bitcoin address on your site. Bitcoin users can now start sending bitcoin donations. to your charity.
  2. When you have gathered the amount you wish for, open up the hologram and retrieve the mini-private key. Use an electronic bitcoin wallet supporting mini-private import to send bitcoin from the coin. More information
  3. Exchange your bitcoin at a bitcoin exchange to the currency you wish for.


Feel free to contact us to receive your free Denarium coin to start receiving bitcoin donations. A limited amount of coins is available. Denarium reserves a right not to send free coin for any reason.