December 31, 2018


At Denarium, we take our responsibility towards our environment seriously and remain committed to our goal of making a positive impact on the world around us.

Our recycling and waste management system ensures the proper disposal of waste. Our recycling program includes cardboard, plastic, paper, and significant metals. Hazardous waste, batteries and electronic waste are disposed of safely. As a producer, we are also involved in the statutory producer responsibility program, which takes care of the recycling of product packaging and materials in Finland (RINKI).

Denarium shipments via our primary courier partner DHL are carbon neutral. The amount of carbon emissions produced during the handling and transport of a GOGREEN shipment is calculated using a verified measurement process and translated into required “carbon credits.” These credits are generated by recognized climate protection projects that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere,  such as a wind farm in China or a biomass power plant in India.

In Lesotho, DHL works with partners to provide households with high-efficiency Save80 stoves, which use up to 80% less firewood. This not only helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions; it also greatly reduces health risks associated with wood smoke, limits deforestation and subsequent erosion, and reduces the time and effort required for collecting firewood. See the video.