What is activation and how do I activate?

The purpose of activation is to declare the condition of the coins. All L-series coins you report good we will fund within 24 hours. For the E-series coins, the activation just changes their status to the completed state on the Denarium Database. Therefore if you report coins as missing or damaged, we will contact you to resolve the issue. If you do not activate the coins, they will be activated automatically two months from the processing date of the order. This also applies to L-series coins. After 2 months they will be automatically loaded.

To activate your coins, please go to the activation page and fill in your Shipment code and Email code. You will receive your email code in the mailbox of the email address used in your order, and your shipment code comes with your package.

For security reasons, we require activation for funding the coins in your order. Also, it allows you to give us feedback about your shipment. We do not require activation of series E coins, but we do recommend it because it helps us to improve our service.

How do I find the bitcoin address, transaction history, status and balance of my Denarium coin?

In the Denarium Database ( you can explore the status of every Denarium Bitcoin ever produced. Therefore you can search coins with a serial number or with the rest bits, located in the hologram window.  In this way find your bitcoin address and transaction history.

Your bitcoin address also comes delivered with your order on a separate wallet card.

What happens if I do not activate my L-coins?

If you do not activate your L-coins, we will not proceed to load them. However, our system will automatically activate your coins after two months time, and you will still receive your funds.

We recommend the activation of all coins to make sure you have received the product in pristine condition, and there are no signs of tampering.

How can I spend my coin?

Bitcoins are securely stored within the Denarium coin. You remove the hologram on the back of the coin ONLY when you need to spend the coin. Opening the hologram gives you access to your private key, comparable to online bank activation codes.

You need the mini- private key to be able to transfer funds from your coin to a wallet of your choice. Look for more information for compatible wallets:

How can I spend my physical Bitcoin?

  1. Open the hologram.
  2. The private key is shown in two formats: as a QR-code and as plain text.
  1. Scan the QR-code with Bitcoin wallet so ware (such as Mycelium for Android, and Breadwallet for iOS), or type the private key if you cannot scan the QR-code.

See our page Physical Bitcoins for further detailed instructions.

General questions

Will you produce a coin with one full bitcoin denomination?

Our flagship product with one full bitcoin has finally arrived! Check out the Denarium 1 BTC.

Where does the name Denarium come from?

We based the name on the ancient Roman currency system Denarius. We merely switched the end because Denarius is a commonly used word already.

How do I give Denarium bitcoin as a gift?

Gifts are a great way of showing your appreciation to someone. We think Denarium Bitcoin is very suitable as a gift! We have 2 methods:

Method 1 (recommended): Order them yourself, complete the activation and give the activated coins in fitting gift envelopes (can be selected on a product page)

Method 2: Order them directly to the gift recipient. Please note, that it is highly recommended to make the recipient aware of the upcoming shipment. Some courier companies require that the recipients receive the package personally. It is also noteworthy that the gift recipient is responsible for the customs duties which may be subjected to the shipment.

Do I need to already have a wallet before buying physical bitcoins?

No! Each of our coins is already a physical bitcoin wallet with a unique Bitcoin address. If you buy the coin loaded with bitcoins, then the bitcoins will be loaded unto the coin by us. If you buy an empty coin, you can load bitcoin on your coin by sending it to the coin’s Bitcoin address.

Where is Denarium Bitcoin manufactured?

Every coin is assembled and packed in Finland. Coins have been minted in various countries depending on the product.

Do I have to declare earnings to the taxes?

Tax regulations depend on the country you live reside. In Finland, you would declare profits as income tax.

Do you sell physical coins of other cryptocurrencies?

We are planning to make physical Litecoins in the future. Technically our current coins are capable of storing Litecoins, but our databases and website do not support it.

Why do I need a public key?

A public key is needed if you would like to do a more complicated bitcoin operation, like adding a 2 of 2 multi-sig signature model to make a trustless coin.

Can I lose my money as a result of a hack?

Our key focus is to provide secure and easy to use Bitcoin offline wallets. Since the coins are offline, there is no risk similar to online wallets.

What is 2 of 2 Multi-sig?

For all of our new coins, there is a multi-sig option which adds another level of security. When ordering with multisig enabled the coin becomes trustless and therefore extremely secure. NOTE: We recommend this for developers only since the process of spending multisig coins is very complicated.


Which payment methods are accepted?


Payment method Fee
BitPay – (Bitcoin) ** 0,5 %
CoinPayments – (Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, ETH, ETC, Monero) 4 %
Bank transfer – (Wire and SEPA / Tilisiirto) 5 EUR
PayPal* – (Credit cards or balance) 4 %
* Not in use for L-series (including loaded multisig) and Premium collection products. Your PayPal account and shipping address must be verified and confirmed with PayPal.
** Payment Protocol compatible wallet required.


What happens if the price of the bitcoin changes after I have placed my order?

The price of BTC at the moment you make the order is registered. It does not matter what happens to the Bitcoin price after you have completed your order. On the order confirmation we send to your email and on the checkout page, you find the price you have paid for the BTC amount.


How secure is the private key?

Your private key is very secure. We print the private key once, and after printing, immediately destroy the source file and wipe printer memory. Therefore you alone have the key. In case you need to spend your coin, your private key is located under the hologram. In addition, we generate the keys themselves on a computer that is always offline.

We highly supervise the process of assembling Denarium Bitcoin. Each phase of the assembly that involves the handling of private keys is directly supervised either by Henry Brade (CEO) or Viljami Räisä (CPO), or both.

Do you sell 2-factor coins?

Yes, we do. For all of our new coins, there is a multisig option which adds another level of security. When ordering with multisig enabled the coin becomes trustless and therefore extremely secure. NOTE: We recommend this for developers only since the process of spending multisig coins is very complicated.

Is there a risk of the private key being damaged through peeling off?

It is not possible. The private key is printed in a high durable plastic paper. In addition to the QR code the private key is also printed in a text format.

How many years is the sticker expected to last?

The lifetime of the holograms should be dozens of years as we use the same type of holograms that earliest bitcoin coins that were manufactured in 2011 and they are in good condition still.

Why do I need to give my email address and phone number?


We need your email address to send you the activation email code, tracking, and shipping information. We need your phone number in case the courier would like to contact you regarding the delivery of your package.

Why should my private key be secure?

A private key is comparable to your online bank codes. You need your private key in order to spend the BTC inside the coin. Anyone with the code can spend your bitcoin stored. The private key should not be shared.



Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to almost every country. There are however restrictions on which products we can ship to the United States. Due to regulation we only ship ‘empty’ coins, these coins can be loaded by the customer upon arrival

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost is calculated by weight, products, and destination country. You can verify the shipping costs for the order after adding the products to the cart.

These are the starting prices for a 29 mm coin. Some countries, cities and postcode areas may have a higher shipping cost.


– Finland: 5,90 EUR (incl. VAT)

– Other EU countries: 12,47 EUR (incl. VAT)

– Non-EU countries: 22,07 EUR

– North America: 18,09 EUR

– South America: 25,11 EUR

– Africa: 25,11 EUR

– Asia: 20,06 EUR

– Australia: 28,09 EUR

Where are the orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped from Finland.

How long is the delivery time?

Our dispatch estimation is available in the shopping cart because it depends on the content of the order. Products with backorder status have a longer delivery time which is also available in the shopping cart. We process orders sequentially, in order.

What happens if a product is out of stock?

If a product is out of stock, it is momentarily unavailable. However, some of our products are available on backorder. If the product is, you will see a notification of this on the product order page. Backorder products have estimated 3-6 weeks delivery time.

Are the loaded coins sent empty?

Yes, they are sent empty, and they are loaded within 24 hours upon activation.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

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