November 14, 2016

Bitcoin CEO – Cartoon competition launched!


We have been in the sector for quite a while now, and we want to create something fun for the community. Can you draw nice pics, know the bitcoin sector and have funny ideas? We would love you to work with us! To find the best candidate, we are launching a cartoon competition that tests your creativity and skills. We will offer the winner a contract for creating a short cartoon (from 1 to 3 scenes) about bitcoin/cryptocurrency related theme every week which we will publish on the Denarium website and all social media channels of Prasos Ltd.

We will also give the best five candidates our 1/100 BTC Brass Collection coin loaded as a small compensation.

Bitcoin CEO

The main character of the cartoon will be the mysterious “Bitcoin CEO” who doesn’t reveal his/her identity. This person will be following the hot topics in the cryptocurrency world and defend the ideology behind the cryptos in a smart and satirical way. We are pro-bitcoin, and at the same time, we want to educate people to get into this world.

The story of the Bitcoin CEO
Bitcoin CEO established the Bitcoin Corporation in 2009. The beginning was difficult. The poor ignorant people declared the corporation in bankruptcy several times, but each time the Bitcoin CEO managed to go through these tough situations stronger and stronger. During the last year, the things have gone better, and the Corporation is now prepared to fight against the traditional financial institutions in creating a new free world for the different nations.

Draw a cartoon (from 1-4 scenes) that tells the origin story of the Bitcoin CEO up to date (based on the above description). We want to give you the freedom to use your imagination about the style so feel free to let your imagination fly!

You have until the 1st of December 2016 (23.00 – UTC) to send your idea to [email protected]


  • We will publish the 5 top cartoons on our company website ( and Prasos Ltd social media platforms. Therefore by submitting an image to this contest, you grant Prasos Ltd a non-exclusive royalty-free right, in perpetuity, to share that particular cartoon on our company’s website and social media platforms.
  • The rights on the following cartoons are agreed in an individual contract with the final candidate.
  • The participants must have the rights to submit the image they send to the contest. By submitting a cartoon, the participants guarantee that the image does not infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property of a third party.