Denarium 1/2 BTC Gold 2018

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Denarium Physical coin Gold

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The idea behind the coin is to expand our Premium coin selection with different denominations. Also, we believe Bitcoin is digital gold and this coin is a great way to combine both traditional gold and digital gold.

As a new feature, each coin production number is laser marked to the front of the coin.

This coin has an entirely new type of package. High-tech CertiLine BarCard® package protects the coin from tampering activities, making apparent any forgery and counterfeiting attempts. When the BarCard® is opened a strong security pattern will be displayed on the internal surface of both card halves. Undetected reuse or reassembly of the package will not be possible.

Each coin comes with a wallet card.


Bitcoin value inside: Can be bought as empty or with 0.5 BTC / 500 000 bits
Diameter: 29 mm / 1.142 inches
Weight: 1/2 Troy ounce (15,55 g / 0.549 ounces)
Material: .999 Fine Gold (99,9% gold) accreditation by Labtium
Batch: #1 (total of 100 coins)

We have explained how Denarium coins work in more detail over here. We also have a Knowledge Base.

Denarium 1/2 BTC Gold 2018 batches:
Batch #1: 100 units
Batch #2: not to be produced


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