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Denarium Physical coin Gold

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Product Description

Here is our latest coin, which we believe to be one of the greatest physical bitcoins of all time. This is the Denarium 1 BTC Gold Parity Coin. The weight of the coin is 1oz and it is .999 gold. This is the second batch, total of 48 coins. The first batch was in total 23 coins.

The idea behind the coin is celebrating the 2017 price parity event of 1 bitcoin and 1oz gold. Also, we believe bitcoin is digital gold and this coin is a great way to combine both traditional gold and digital gold.

Each coin comes with a beautiful coin box with descriptions of the coin and a special signed note from Denarium CEO Henry Brade.

Inside a coin box is a permanently sealed Everslab case. Please note that it is not possible to open without breaking it. There is a spare Everslab delivered with every coin.


Bitcoin value inside: Can be bought as empty or with 1 BTC / 1 000 000 bits
Diameter: 30 mm / 1.181 inches
Weight: 1 Troy ounce (31,10 g / 1.097 ounces)
Material: .999 Fine Gold (99,9% gold)
Batch: #2 (total of 48 coins)

We have explained how Denarium coins work in more detail over here. We also have a FAQ.

Denarium 1 BTC Gold manufacturing:
Batch #1: 23 units
Batch #2: 48 units
Batch #3: 65 units



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