Denarium Custom 0 – 2 BTC Gold Plated

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Denarium Physical Coin Gold Plated

19,90  9,90  ex. VAT




Please note that also loaded multisig coins will always be an E-series!
It needs advanced understanding about Bitcoin in order to spend!

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For a limited time, the price is 9,90 EUR. Regular price is 19,90 EUR. While the sale price is active, the volume discounts are not available.

Denarium Bitcoin is the next generation Physical Bitcoin.

Custom Value Denarium is a coin with no denomination. It can be loaded with custom bitcoin value of 0 to 2 bitcoins.

This coin is a great gift item for friends, family or company employees.

Our coins are designed in such a way that redeeming the bitcoin value inside is easier than ever.

The private key inside the coin is printed not only as plain text but also as a QR code, which makes importing it easy.

We have explained how Denarium coins work in more detail over here. We also have a Knowledge Base.

Bitcoin value inside: Custom (0 to 2 bitcoins)
Diameter: 2,86 cm / 1.126 inches
Thickness: 1,6 mm / 0,063 inches
Weight: 7,65 g / 0.27 ounces
Material: Gold Plated Brass
Mint year: 2015
Mint Country: Finland

Bulk: The coin is delivered with a tab and a wallet card.
Packed: The coin is delivered in a red cardboard package with a tab and a wallet card.
Coinbox #1: The coin is delivered already packed inside a coin box. A tab and a wallet card included.

Compatible Coin Boxes:
Coin Box #1
Coin Box #2


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