Denarium Gold Bar 2018

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Denarium Physical Gold Bar

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Please note that also loaded multisig coins will always be an E-series!
It needs advanced understanding about Bitcoin in order to spend!

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A Limited Edition of 100 bars!

This is the first Denarium Gold Bar. It is 2oz .9999 gold (lab verified & stamped) and produced as a limited edition of 100 bars. Each bar is marked as “xxx of 100” to increase collectability. Each bar is a bitcoin wallet which can be purchased pre-loaded or as empty.

The Denarium Gold Bar is classified as investment gold which means that unlike our other products, it is sold VAT free worldwide.

Our products are designed in such a way that redeeming the bitcoin value inside is easier than ever.

The private key inside the bar is printed not only as plain text but also as a QR code, which makes importing it easy.

We have explained how Denarium coins work in more detail over here. We also have a Knowledge Base.

Bitcoin value inside: Custom ( can be bought with 0.001 to 2 bitcoins, and the Customer can load any amount to the coin afterward)
Dimensions: 30 x 50 mm / 1.181 x 1.969 inches
Thickness: 2,8 mm / 0.110 inches
Weight: 2 Troy ounces / 62,21 g /  2.16 ounces
Material: .9999 Fine Gold (99,99 % gold) accreditation by Labtium
Mint year: 2018
Mint Country: Poland
Minted Bars: 100 units (Limited edition)

Package of the Bar

High-tech CertiLine BarCard® package protects the bar from tampering activities, making apparent any forgery and counterfeiting attempts. When the BarCard® is opened, a strong security pattern will be displayed on the internal surface of both card halves. Undetected reuse or reassembly of the package will not be possible.


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  2. davehellmanjr (verified owner)

    This is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever owned! Truly a work of art! I hope they make more with different artwork, it looks amazing printed on gold!

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