March 3, 2017

Terms of Service

The terms and conditions below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) are applied to the use of the website and service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) starting from 8.5.2018 GMT+2.

We may change this Terms of Service. If we make any changes, we will change the Last Updated date above.

The Service operated by Prasos Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”) allow registered or non-registered users to buy the internet currency known as “Bitcoins” in the form of coins, with an exception that only empty coins without Bitcoins on them can be delivered to the United States.

The use of the Service does not require registration. By registering or otherwise using the Service the user (hereinafter referred to as “User”) assures that he/she has read the product description and the Terms and agrees to accept and comply with these Terms.

What if the User wants to cancel or return the order?

Cancellation is possible only by replying to the order confirmation email, and the Service will take care of it.

Returning the product after delivery is also possible. Returning is possible for a maximum of 2 weeks from the receiving day if the products have not been brought into use. If the User wants to return the product, the User will pay the shipping costs and the User is responsible for the product until it has reached the given return address in Finland. After we have received the product back, we will make the refund according to the Terms of Service. The User is responsible for any costs that come from printing documents for returning the order.

Important: Refunds are always issued in the original payment currency. If the User has paid in bitcoins, the User will get bitcoins. If the User has paid in euros, the user will get euros. Before the order has been shipped, the refund amount will be the same amount which has been paid for the original order. However, it is important to note that after the order has been shipped the COIN value is always priced in EUR & the BITCOINS inside are always priced in BTC. Make sure that all the address details you have given are correct.

An example of how a refund works after the order has been shipped: If the User orders a product which has a physical coin worth of 10 EUR and inside the coin are 0,1 bitcoins, the value of the physical coin will be 10 EUR, and the value of the bitcoins inside will be 0,1 bitcoins. Regardless of which currency is used to pay for the refund. Regarding a euro refund, the User would get 10 EUR + whatever 0,1 bitcoins is worth in euros at that time. Regarding a bitcoin refund, the User would get 0,1 bitcoins + whatever 10 EUR is worth in bitcoins at that time.


User can only have up to five (5) on-hold (unpaid) SEPA orders at the same time. We will reserve the rights to cancel all orders that exceed this limit. User can create larger orders if the limit is an issue. Orders can be viewed from my account section.


The Service reserves a right to cancel and refund the order if there is an apparent mistake in product prices, shipping costs or product information. The user is responsible for any customs fees that may appeal.

In case of a bitcoin hard fork, the ordered products must be loaded with bitcoins before the hard fork occurs for the User to receive them. If the user places an order before a hard fork, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ordered product contains the forked coins. This policy applies to products that are bought with bitcoin value. L-series coins are always delivered without any loaded bitcoin in them in all orders. They are loaded within 24 hours upon activation made by the User.

The user needs to inform Service within 30 days from the dispatch date of the order about a lost shipment. If the User contacts after that it is not possible to get any compensation. All shipments are tracked.

If the product is damaged during the shipment the User is responsible to file an application for damages to the courier company. This is a rare condition and we will instruct with that process. The application for damages ensures that the User gets full compensation from the damaged product. Full compensation means the sale price of the product.

The returned orders are kept in the warehouse for 30 days. After that, it is not possible to receive the original order. We can issue a reduced compensation after that.

The Service is not liable for any damages or other inconvenience or harm that erroneous or inadequate User Information may cause to the User or a third party.

The user needs to give a correct email address to receive important order related email messages. An Incorrect email address may cause delays in the delivery and the activation.

The Service is under no circumstances liable to compensate for any direct or indirect damages which are related in any way to the Service, the use of the Service or information or notifications that are available through the Service. Additionally, the Service Provider is not responsible for any damage that use of the Service, malfunctions in the Service, technical faults, malicious software, links or interruptions may cause to the User or third parties.

We reserve the right to add a maximum 180 days of bitcoin funding delay to orders containing loaded Denarium coins and paid via payment methods other than cryptocurrency. This right will be exercised if we detect risk related to a particular payment. We reserve the right to cancel the order if we detect abuses.

There is max order amount of 10 000 EUR. There is also a requirement to do verification process if the total amount of the user orders exceeds 10 000 EUR. This verification process requires proof of ID and proof of address.

Disputes between The Service and User are primarily intended to be resolved amicably by negotiation. Where no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be settled in the Helsinki District Court.

Please check the Knowledgebase for more information!

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