Announcing the Denarium closing sale

Updated 20th of July 2020.

As of 20th July 2020, Denarium closing down sales ended and it is not possible to make any new orders. All orders placed will be processed and shipped out normally.

We thank all the customers that made the Denarium journey possible from 2015 until 2020. We will modify the site in the upcoming weeks to contain all the information about the coins, production quantities, and some information about the history of the Denarium. It is a great achievement to retire a five years old physical bitcoin business with zero hacks and more than 15000 produced units that holds more than 5M USD (600+ BTC).


Thank you for making this possible!

Chief Production Officer Viljami Räisä



Today we are announcing the beginning of the closing sale at Denarium. After 5 years of operation, we have decided to cease the production of new Denarium products and in the coming weeks, we will sell the remaining stock.

Before we go into the details of our closing sale, we want to share some background on this difficult decision. Denarium is owned and operated by a Finnish company called Prasos which operates multiple cryptocurrency services. Although Denarium is the most international brand in the Prasos portfolio, it has remained a minor part of the overall business. Due to a recent shift in strategy Prasos is putting all focus on its main service, Coinmotion.

It is important to note that this decision does not affect the existing owners of Denarium products in any way. The coins and bars Denarium has produced have their own individual and unique private keys which are held only within the products themselves. Prasos will continue to maintain the Denarium Explorer and the coin database for the foreseeable future to make it easy for current owners and potential aftermarket buyers to check the status of a specific coin or bar.

Denarium has produced approximately 15000 physical bitcoin products during the 5 years of operation. We thank all of our customers for the support during this time and we hope that all the current and future owners of our products will enjoy them for a long time.


Information on the closing sale

The closing sale will be happening simultaneously at the Bitcointalk Collectibles section and of course at the website. At Bitcointalk we are going to auction a limited number of gold products with unique serial numbers with special prefix C. All the rest of the products will be sold at with their regular prefix L and E. These prefixes stand for Closing, Loaded and Empty.

The auctions at Bitcointalk will run for multiple weeks with multiple auctions each week. We are auctioning in total 10x 2oz gold bars, 10x 1oz gold bars and 10x 0.5oz gold coins. These auctioned products have special C-serials. Each individual auction will have from 3 to 4 items to bid for.

All the other products we have in stock will be on sale at Here is an overview of our remaining stock and our closing sale discounts. The base price of some of our products has been adjusted for the closing sale.

  • Products in our gold plated collection have a 30 % discount if you buy 10 or more. If you buy 100 or more, there is a 50 % discount. The discount is automatically applied in the shop cart. The remaining stock in total is less than 4000 coins.
  • Products in our premium collection are sold without volume discounts. Remaining stock for the 1 BTC patinated bronze coin is less than 500, for the Custom Silver Antiqued edition coin less than 200, for the Custom Silver Antiqued Golden edition coin less than 50.
  • Products in our gold collection are also sold without volume discounts. Remaining stock for the 0.5oz gold coin is less than 100, for the 1oz Decennium gold bar less than 100 and for the 2oz gold bar less than 100. The 1oz parity gold coin has already been sold out.

In case one is interested in negotiating special pricing for a large order, we are open to inquiries via email at [email protected]. Custom discounts may or may not be possible depending on the demand and stock situation of the products in question.

Best regards,

Executive Vice President Henry Brade 

& the rest of the Denarium team

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