July 3, 2018

User manual

Activation instructions

Please note: If you have bought your product from a reseller there is no activation but you still need to follow other instructions to check the coin for tampering.

Before activation, be sure to examine your coins for any traces of tampering. The image on the right shows a picture of a partially opened coin. Notice the honeycomb-shaped marks on the right side of the coin? If you witness any of these markings, there is a chance the coin may have been compromised.










After checking the coins for possible tampering, head to denarium.com/activate to start the activation process. Fill in the activation code received by email and the shipment code from the user manual, which is delivered with the order.

The page will display your coins. Please select the right status for each coin. If any of the coins were damaged or missing, click on the corresponding buttons. We will contact you as soon as possible and will not proceed to fund the coins with a status damaged or missing. If there are no signs of tampering, and the hologram is intact, select the ‘good’ status.

Check the serial number of each coin, and make sure the serial number on the coin is the same as on the activation page. The serial numbers always start with a letter E, L or A.

You can leave us feedback or suggestions on the activation page for improvement. With a Bitcoin address, it is possible to view the balance of a specific coin, and you need it to add funds to your coin. After you have verified all of the coins, complete the activation by pressing the ‘Submit’ button. If you have ordered L-series coins, we will fund them with bitcoins after the activation within 48 hours. Do not remove the hologram yourself, unless you want to spend the bitcoins.

BarCard® packaging protects your coin

Our latest coins are protected by high-tech CertiLine BarCard® package. It protects the coin from tampering activities, making apparent any forgery and counterfeiting attempts. When the BarCard® is opened a strong security pattern will be displayed on the internal surface of both card halves. Undetected reuse or reassembly of the package will not be possible.

1. The removable transparent films protect the glossy surface of the BarCard® on both sides

2. Bitcoin address of the coin is visible on the back side as a QR-code

3. Denarium hologram on the package is the evidence of a genuine Denarium product

4. The coin is visible from both sides, but still protected by clear plastic surface

5. The EAN-13 standard barcode improves checkout system integration for retailers

Adding funds to your coin

You can easily add more bitcoins to your coin, just like any other bitcoin wallet.

Simply find the Bitcoin address of your coin, either from the product package, by scanning the QR code, from the activation page or Denarium Database, and send the desired amount of bitcoins using a wallet of your choice.

You can also buy bitcoins directly to your coin from any Bitcoin exchange.

Always make sure the bitcoin addresses correspond and make an extra check. See if the first eight characters of your bitcoin address are the same as the ones located in the hologram window.

Denarium Database

The Denarium Database (denarium.com/database) allows you to explore the status and find the bitcoin address of every Denarium Bitcoin ever produced. You can search coins with a serial number or with the eight first bits, located in the hologram window.

Did you know?

That your bitcoin address, also known as a public address, is for receiving and storing personal bitcoin? It is the equivalent of a bank account number.

Your private key, on the other hand, you can compare with your online banking credentials. You need your private key to be able to transfer your bitcoin out from your public address, so take care not to share it with others.

Spending your coin

Bitcoins are securely stored within the Denarium coin. To spend the bitcoins within you need to transfer them from the coin to a Bitcoin wallet. The transfer is made by opening the hologram sticker and importing the private key underneath to the wallet of your choice. Please note that an opened hologram sticker implies that the coin has been spent. The hologram sticker cannot be put back after opening so it should not be removed without the intent to spend the bitcoins.

  1. Open the hologram.
  2. The private key (which gives the rights to spend the bitcoins within) is shown in two formats: as a QR-code and as plain text.
  3. Scan the QR-code with Bitcoin wallet software (such as Mycelium for android, and Breadwallet for iOS), or type the private key if you cannot scan the QR-code.

More info at denarium.com/spend


Frequently asked questions

Where is my email activation code?

The code is same for all future orders made by the same email. If you have lost yours, you can request a new one.

I ordered a loaded coin. What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is from the moment you made the order. Please check your email what you have paid for the BTC amount.

How much can I store in a Denarium coin?

You can store as much as you want and you can make multiple transactions to one coin. Check for denarium.com/database for coin’s Bitcoin address and transaction history.