March 23, 2015


Denarium Bitcoin process


Denarium Bitcoin

The Coin

At Denarium Bitcoin we produce a physical bitcoin coin with actual bitcoin value inside. The coin itself is a quality copper, brass, bronze, silver or gold offline bitcoin wallet that we produce in Finland. The initial focus of Denarium Bitcoin was affordability and security. Along the way, however, we have created 14 different models ranging from very affordable to very luxury secure physical bitcoins. See all the Denarium coins ever produced on our bitcoin wiki page, or look up your own coin in the Denarium database.



A specialized high-security facility in Canada produces our custom made security holograms. They are of high-quality and function as an added layer of security for the protection of the private key. In this way, the hologram significantly increases anti-fraud security, since they are extremely difficult to counterfeit without leaving any visible marks.

We have labeled the holograms individually in distinct series, the E-series and the L-series. The E-series we sell empty, meaning we have not loaded them with bitcoins, and you can load a desired amount of bitcoin to the coin yourself. Most of the L-series contain a set amount of bitcoins. On the customs coins, however, you can load any desired amount which will be added to your shopping cart.

After activation, however, you can always autonomously load more bitcoins to the coin at home. The hologram has a “window” where you can read a portion of the public Bitcoin address for checking balance and loading bitcoins.

Please note that also loaded multisig coins will always be an E-series!




Private key

All our coins have a Bitcoin private key inside the coin, we use a 30-character mini private key format. Each private key is printed only once and for security reasons we directly supervise each phase of product assembly that involves the handling of private keys.

To make redeeming the bitcoins stored inside the coin easier, we print the key not only as plain text but also as a QR code. Modern smartphones are capable of scanning the QR code inside and of importing the key directly to a Bitcoin wallet such as Mycelium. See our page Physical Bitcoins for detailed instructions.

Demo of redeeming the private key