BitPay invoices require Payment Protocol wallet payments

Bitpay announced late last month that BitPay would soon adopt a requirement for Payment Protocol payments to all BitPay invoices. In the coming days, all BitPay invoices will require this new method in check-out. That means that you cannot pay your Bitpay invoice with any wallet of your choice. You need to be able to scan the Qr-code with a wallet that supports payment protocol.

Why Payment Protocol?

The new method offers important advancements in secure and successful bitcoin payments for Bitpay. They have been able to significantly decrease the number of erroneous payments using this new method. There have been many errors in the sending amount before the implementation of payment protocol.

When a bitcoin user scans a BitPay invoice with a wallet that can scan the Qr code, their wallet is automatically locked in with the correct bitcoin receiving address and sending amount.

Denarium uses Bitpay to process Bitcoin payments as a service for every customer paying us with Bitcoins. Make sure you have a wallet that supports scanning the Qr code. Click here to see with which wallets you can pay us on Denarium through Bitpay.

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