Seeking unity with gold and Bitcoin

For thousands of years, individuals and governments have been storing and gaining wealth in different kinds of ways. History of investing can be traced as far as 1700BCE in the form of a book called Code of Hammurabi. However, this book isn’t really talking about the modern structure of investing, but rather the legal framework Read more about Seeking unity with gold and Bitcoin[…]

World Money Fair

The world’s largest coin fair, the 48th World Money Fair 2019, took place from February 1st – to February 3rd, 2019. This largest coin fair worldwide brought together countless coin dealers, collectors, mints,  retailers, wholesalers, producers, associations, machine manufacturers and national institutions from all over Europe. It is a platform unique in the world of coins. Read more about World Money Fair[…]

A look into the future of Bitcoin

The future of Bitcoin is determined by how many people will adopt bitcoin as a payment method. Blockchain, however, seems to be more readily accepted than Bitcoin. What are some of the elements promoting the acceptance of Bitcoin and what are some preventing it?  Financial crises Firstly financial crises, like the one in Venezuela, with the Read more about A look into the future of Bitcoin[…]

A short History of Bitcoin – Bitcoin 10 years!

Bitcoin’s ten-year celebration Ten years ago a white paper (1) was created for a decentralized cryptocurrency, which brought about a gold rush of this age. Individual miners became large companies, and altogether the Bitcoin network now has more computing power than Google! (2) The white paper and implementation of the bitcoin network by Satoshi Nakamoto(3) Read more about A short History of Bitcoin – Bitcoin 10 years![…]