Guess Bitcoin Price contest

Welcome to the Denarium summer contest! (Participation time expired)

The competition has ended on the 31st of July at 12:00 UTC with a recorded price for bitcoin of 8824,01 € on the Coinmotion website!

The amount of accepted / proper entries was 256.

Average price between all the guesses: 10109,93 €

Median price between all the guesses: 9260,5€

1st place: 8835,51 €

2nd place: 8800 €

3rd place: 8777 €

4th place 8875 €

5th place: 8771 €

6th place: 8765,43 €

7th place: 8758,68 €

Congratulations to all the winners!


Fill out the form and guess the price of bitcoin in euros on Coinmotion frontpage on the 31st of July at 12.00 UTC. Submit your guess by the 25th of July at 10:00 UTC to participate!

The winners of the competition are the seven closest guesses.  To make this even more fun,  we will also do a free giveaway of 15x 2019 Custom Gold plated coins between all the participants.

We will contact the winners after the 31st of July by email.



1st place: Denarium 1/2 BTC Gold 2018

2nd place: Denarium Custom Silver Antiqued Golden Edition

3rd and 4th place: Denarium Custom Silver Antiqued

Denarium Custom Silver Antiqued Edition

5th, 6th, and 7th place: Denarium 1 BTC Patinated Bronze

Denarium, bronze, coin, bitcoin wallet, hard, wallet, offline wallet

Giveaway: 5x Denarium Custom Gold Plated 2019 Special Edition, 10x Denarium Custom Gold Plated 2019

Participation time expired


Note: By entering the Contest, you agree to subscribe to our newsletter.


Things to remember:

You need to confirm your application from the email that we send to you after applying to the contest.

You can only guess once. All your guesses will be disqualified if you guess more than once.

The coins do not have bitcoin value, but they are real bitcoin wallets which can be loaded with bitcoin afterward.

Denarium will pay the shipping costs related to sending the prize. The receiver of the award pays potential taxes and customs fees.

Prasos is not responsible for any inconveniences in the delivery of the prize due to local legal restrictions.

The use of a maximum of two decimals is allowed.

We can’t deliver the 1st-4th place prizes to Russia. We can’t send any prices to India.

We have paid the tax on games of chance for all the products included in this contest.


You can see more information and products here.

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